Top 6 Ways to Become a Better Golfer

  1. Develop a practice routine.
    You don’t have to hit a thousand golf balls. A quality practice session is far better than quantity. Rather than just swinging at the ball, pay attention to your grip, posture and alignment before pulling the trigger. These are the key components in the golf swing. When they’re right, the rhythm will be perfect.
  2. Arrive early!|
    Most golfers arrive at 8:57 for their 9am tee time. Getting to the course 30 minutes early allows for a relaxing check-in and warm-up before heading to the tee. Even if you can’t hit full swing golf balls for lack of a range, stretching, putting and chipping will help you develop the feel you need for your round.
  3. Practice more than you play.
    I realize golf is for fun and if your sole enjoyment is just having fun than just go out and play. But if playing good golf would be MORE fun, plan some practice time. If you are already playing two to three times a week, play one and practice one instead. Playing a nine-hole round generally takes three hours with drive time. A good practice session takes a little over an hour. You have the time, just take it.
  4. Be more efficient with your time.
    You already know that practice takes less time than playing, but how can you reduce the amount of time it takes to play? Go to the golf course during down times when there aren’t as many golfers there. Golf courses are amazing early in the morning. Try a 6:30am or 7:00am tee time even for nine holes. Also, things get very quiet after 1 in the afternoon. So stay away from 8am – 12pm and your rounds will be quicker and more enjoyable.
  5. Make it a family affair.
    Try introducing golf to the family. Even if your spouse or kids haven’t played before, try taking them to a range first and then maybe to an executive course. Play a scramble or captain & crew and enjoy a relaxed evening outdoors, together, with no electronics. Make par for the hole something attainable like a 6 instead of 4 or tee off from the 100 yard marker. Go over some basic etiquette and explain how long one should spend on each hole. Keep things moving and create some laughs while building family bonds.
  6. And lastly, take a lesson.
    Playing GOOD golf is so much more fun than playing bad golf, so do something about it. Take a refresher course or golf lesson and let a PGA professional help you out. Most of us can’t just go learn something on our own without the help of a teacher or coach. So many of my students tell me they wish they would have come to see me long ago. So let me help you. Contact John Rose and we’ll bring the fun back to golf.


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