Choosing Golf Clubs – The Driver

When you are in the market for a new driver, there are a number of things to take into account. Loft, grip size, length, shaft material and flexibility are all factors to consider. Loft affects launch angle which affects the overall distance for any driver.

In 2014, most manufacturers offer adjustable loft club heads. The consumer can dial in the desired loft setting while testing out the club. A good starting point is 10-1/2 degrees and can be set higher or lower depending on ball flight.

Grip Size
The grip size on a driver can reduce or inhibit a golfer’s ability to release the club. Most right-handed players miss to the right and having a grip that is too large can increase that miss. Pick a grip where the ring finger can just brush the fatty thumb pad of the palm. Other factors to consider are arthritis or any loss of feeling in the fingers.

Driver Length
The length of your driver is also important. Although a longer driver will allow you to generate more club head speed, it also reduces your control. Finding the best combination is done by trying different length drivers and using impact tape to record where you are connecting with the ball. The goal is to have each mark on the impact tape in the center of the club head. If marks are varied, a shorter length is probably recommended.

Golf Club Shaft
The shaft of the driver is the most important part. It is the motor that drives the mechanism. Almost every driver has a graphite shaft but can be upgraded with custom equipment. A custom shaft can run up to $500. Golf shafts have numerous variables including weight, flex and kick point. Those variables are matched to a player based on club head speed. A stronger faster swing will need a stiffer heavier shaft to maintain control over the ball. While a golfer with a slower club head speed needs a more flexible and lighter shaft with a lower kick point to help get the ball in the air. Finding the right combination of loft, length, grip and shaft will greatly increase any golfers distance and accuracy. Greater distance + greater control= much more satisfaction.

Work with a Professional
A trained and certified professional can help fit you to the right club. Contact John Rose Golf for expert club fitting and golf instruction.

Choosing Golf Clubs – The Driver

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